The Right Architect: Volume 21

Volume 21 Architecture Office, San Francisco

Keith Plymale is a licensed architect and principle of Volume 21 Architecture located in San Francisco, California.

Keith earned a Masters Degree in Building Design from Columbia University, NYC, and a five year Bachelors Degree in Architecture from The University of Kentucky, Lexington.

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Architecture + Projects + Awards
Volume 21 is a ‘critical’ architectural practice. The pursuits of the work are to experiment with and realize construction at multiple scales: the micro – built-in furniture & cabinetry, the macro – houses and commercial buildings, to the mega – international design competitions investigating urban infrastructure. Keith’s work is driven by two ongoing and consistent efforts in the profession and academia:
  • The American House: Studies in dwelling and functional 21st century architecture
  • Academic Fundamentals: evolving and building a pedagogy for teaching architecture
Keith’s career has produced architectural projects in San Francisco, Marin County CA, The San Francisco East Bay, Louisville & Lexington KY. Plymale received an AIA honor award [2000] for his work with former Le Corbusier associate Jose’ Oubrerie. As Oubrerie’s assistant, Keith began his work in the development of a new model of the ‘American House’ [a version of which was realized in the Miller House].
Teaching + Research + Writing

Keith teaches architecture & design studios at the University of California, Berkeley. He also teaches at The Academy of Arts University, San Francisco and is a former associate professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Architecture at the University of Kentucky.

Keith has worked with an Autodesk Inc. research grant of $25,000 to develop a fundamental design pedagogy using Building Information Modeling software [Revit] as an experimental tool at  the conceptual design level.
Plymale’s current writings include:
  • The story of Design Environment Group Architects, Louisville KY
  • The process of building of the ‘experimental’ Miller House
  • Model+Structure+Form: a conversation with Italian Architect Leonardo Ricci and his students
Clients and Collaboration
Collaborative work with clients and colleagues is critically important to the success of our projects. In the pursuit of both built and theoretical works of architecture, we have worked with: private clients on new ground up houses, residential re-models, Laboratories for The Marin Municipal Water District & Alameda County Water District (with Michael Willis Architects, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland), Irish Immigration Pastoral Services (San Francisco offices), Venice Collaborative & Venice Film Festival, Los Angeles (urban earthwork/artist live work housing proposal).
Republic of California: Architectural License #28443
Commonwealth of Kentucky: Architectural License #4026