Built-In Furniture and Cabinetry by Volume 21 Architecture

Volume 21 Custom Built-In Furniture

One of the most compelling aspects of architectural designs by Volume 21 Office for Architecture is our attention to the functional space needs of our clients. In order to maximize function, space, and aesthetic beauty we offer custom built-in furniture and cabinetry options as part of our design concepts.

Built-In Furniture Adds to Property Values

Current building trends, an increased use of technology such as in “smart homes”, and a need to maximize the spatial qualities of smaller volume spaces combine to make built-in cabinetry and furniture winning features. We incorporate state of the art technology in every architectural design we create, so storage for this technology becomes a welcome home addition. Custom built-in furniture and cabinetry helps raise finished project property values due the ways these elements make each design both unique and practical.

Smart Storage

One of the most attractive aspects of our built-in furniture and cabinetry is our ability to design for clients’ storage needs. Organization becomes simple with our designs, eliminating the fragmented approach to storage that often brings clutter to homes and businesses. We understand that functional storage solutions are critical to the quality of our clients’ ¬†lifestyles. As veteran architects our decades of designing to create storage solutions for clients brings added value to the finished architecture. Contact us to discuss your project.