Miller House, Kentucky: Co-architect Keith Plymale of Volume 21 Architecture, San Francisco

Miller House of Lexington, KY

Miller House, designed by principle architect José Oubrerie in 1988-92 together with architect Keith Plymale, is an iconic architectural project and AIA award winner. The design of the home was influenced by French Modernist Architecture, and is a signature project by José Oubrerie who was a student of the great French Modernist architect Le Corbusier.

Modern, Award Winning Architecture

The home concept was three homes within one. A large open interior volume is traversed by catwalks to reach suspended living spaces. Top quality materials and custom built-ins, furniture and hardware combine with a colorful European aesthetic to create a modern environment that is functional, warm and inviting. In a sense, as architect, critic and writer Evan Chakroff puts it, the home provides a blueprint for communal living.

Central within Miller house is a communal living space. Private rooms frame this space. Innovative window schematics flood the home with natural light. Built-ins designed by Plymale offer functional storage, furniture and more. French Modernist principles underscore the plan of the home, highlighted in the flow through the space and use of stairways.