Volume 21 Architecture: Keith Plymale architect, Rhode Island St. Remodel, San Francisco

Rhode Island St. Home Remodel

Our recent remodel project for this property completely transformed it from the ground up. The existing building shell was left intact while our design changed the interior dramatically. Innovative ideas for the site allowed us to dig a portion of the existing backyard out, opening design possibilities for the bottom floor of this Edwardian house. We succeeded in expanding beauty, functionality, and home value with this extensive home remodel.

Home Remodel Increases Light

The new architectural design for Rhode Island St. incorporates some of our signature elements, yielding a light and airy environment for the homeowners. The entry opens into a generously proportioned living room, dining room and kitchen that flows out to the newly designed backyard, all flooded with natural light. When we create remodel designs we always consider ways to capture natural light at various times of day.

Notable architectural features of this home remodel include a glass deck – gaining fantastic panoramic San Francisco skyline views from the upper deck level doesn’t block light to the lower level dwelling area. The master bath is a serene oasis with clean lines and a soft palette. The kitchen is state of the art, filled with top quality appliances, yet uncluttered and functional. The backyard was completely regraded, landscaped and custom built-ins were added, transforming it into a private, inviting paradise.