Volume 21 architectural installation at San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport Architectural Technology & Information Panels

This project at San Francisco International Airport involves the design of information panels that incorporate Blue Tooth technology. Each panel contains multiple images that offer information for travelers in the San Francisco Airport International Terminal. Keith Plymale, now the principle architect at Volume 21 Architecture, created a visual display that is engaging, informative, and beautiful.

About the San Francisco International Airport Terminal Remodel

This architectural installation was part of the major remodel of the international terminal at SFO that opened in December 2000. SFO had become the 6th busiest airport in the world by the year 2000. The dot com boom in the decade of the 1990’s brought robust funding for projects like this one. Volume 21 Architecture was proud to be a part of SFO’s airport expansion.

Our architectural installation brought new technology to the forefront of the passenger experience in San Francisco’s airport. This concept for the installation was fueled by the dot com explosion that was centered in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area as a whole. Our design was intended to present technology in an interactive manner that would engage travelers of all ages, while delivering key, pertinent information to travelers.

Highlights of this project include

  • A permanent installation at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  • Incorporates technology
  • Highlights architecture
  • Offers information, and bluetooth capabilities, and visual display
  • Adds color to the otherwise drab space